EDS 111 Intro and Test Scores

uf-time-management-marketingHere are my results for each of the three online tests –

Study Skills Inventory result

The Study Skills Inventory result showed that I exceeded most of the benchmarks for study skills. I just need to do better with textbooks and notetaking.

As for my Self Regulation Questionnaire, I was able to garner 283 points which means I belong to the top quartile or High (intact) self-regulation capacity. This was not always true, of course. I have been making changes in myself and my time management in order to improve in this aspect.

Time Mgt Skills Test.41pts

Speaking of time management, my Time Management Skills test had a score of 41. This means that I am a Good Time Manager. For me, this means that I am on my way to becoming an excellent manager of my work, school and family time.

Overall, I know that I still have a lot to improve on in terms of studying and managing my time. I intend to be better this trimester. I will continue with the strengths here measured and to do better on those that I am still struggling with.


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