Final Entry: What Have I Learned in EDS 143?

health-education-symbol-showcase-sign-se-6672If I am given just a single sentence to summarize what I have learned about health education (EDS 143), it would be this – It is a blessing to enable or empower other people with regard to their health. 

Health promotion – especially public health promotion – increases the people’s control over their health. Here, we go back to when we were asked to define what health is and what basic definitions we had back then.

Now that we know better, we can say that health is a state when an individual or a group are physically, mentally, and socially unproblematic or happy.

 We can also positively say now that health promotion is a lot more than health care. This also means having health discussed among policymakers and other sectors of the society. As a community, we should be able to see the health consequences that come with our individual or group decisions.

Health also includes legislation, organizational changes, fiscal measures, even taxation. A healthy community must be able to recognize obstacles to health and adopt health policies that will help them make healthier choices.

Health promotion also spells the end of risky working and living conditions. It involves an assessment of the environmental changes that are happening all around us.

Health promotion means we should be ready to strengthen the actions that we take in developing public participation and in directing health matters.

My immersion for our final requirement – the Service Learning Project – made me realize the important role that healthcare personnel play in bringing about community health.

This is why it took me longer to finish the requirement because I wanted to really be there. I wanted to feel how I can participate in educating people about health. I also wanted to give a hand in promoting health practices.

The project led me to take part – for under two hours – in an immunization program and the newborn care class that was conducted.

Health promotion is emotionally rewarding. Though it is physically taxing (I now have a higher appreciation for our healthcare workers), I felt wonderful at the end of the project. This was just more than an hour of health service, how much more rewarding would it be if I spent a week or more with the healthcare personnel of Barangay Dila?

It is apparent that one of the crucial tenets of health education is one’s ability to pass on vital education to other people. This will echo in future generations especially when their predecessors make wise health choices.


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