(Mental) Health Is Wealth


I have always known that mental health is crucial to one’s overall wellness. Our readings in Module 4 have just fortified/cemented this realization which I already had a long time ago.

Just as being physically healthy can help bodies remain strong, mental fitness can also help us achieve mental wellness. A person who is mentally healthy can enjoy his life as well as the environment where he/she moves in. Mentally healthy people are also more creative, more open to learning and to trying out new things, they are even more ready to take risks.

People who do not have mental issues are better able to cope during personal and professional problematic situations. While grief can still come to such persons, they are equipped to move on compared to the ones who are mentally troubled.

Further Realizations 

What I also realized is that there is more to mental health than just not being depressed. Mental health could also equate to having a healthy physique. This is why stress management means a positive impact on one’s physical health.

Getting physical is a proactive way of enhancing one’s bodily condition. In the same manner, it has also been found as a vital element in having mental fitness. While exercise, alone, is not considered the cure to mental illness, but it has a positive impact on one’s mental health.

Regular physical activities make people feel better. These people are also less prone to alcoholism and substance abuse since exercise is known to reduce anxiety. I feel extra ecstatic after an exercise regimen so I know on a personal level that exercise can counteract negative feelings.

Eating right can also have an impact on a person’s mental health. Now that people are becoming more aware about the foods and beverages that they take, especially the ones that they are supposed to avoid (e.g. trans-fat rich foods, cholesterol, pesticide-ridden stuff, etc.), mental health is improving just as physical health is also becoming a central topic in health discussions.

In essence, what we put on our plates are the raw materials that our brain work on. If you shortchange what you put in your brain, then you also shortchange your emotional as well as intellectual potential.

Good eating habits have to be established so that people can optimize their mental health. Eating is now not just about satiating your taste buds. Eating has consequences beyond physical fitness.

Stress management is also a huge part of mental health, yet stress is a fact of our everyday lives. Stress can come from both positive and negative sources. It is positive when you become anxious when you get a new job or when you’re about to get married. It becomes negative, on the other hand, as death or illness strikes the person or his loved ones.

Coping with stress is a must if you want your body and mind to be at ease. This is why it is essential to learn meditation and relaxation methods. Again, exercise can help relieve stress. Visualization techniques can also greatly help as well as setting realistic goals.


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