The Future of Assessment Is In Me (and You)


Many say that an examination is only as good as the procedure by which it was made. And who to better create this and other assessment tools than all of us who are now learning to do assessments correctly. Tests are an exact process and it requires attention to details but for the students to become truly learned, they would have to undergo a more customized approach.

Assessment Customization

As a current teacher of religion and theology, I would have to say that most of our lessons are pegged on lectures. But if I were to improve my students’ learning experience and eventual assessment, I would have to work more closely with them. As their teacher, I will be their guide in the steps of the process of assessment.

As their educator, it is my role to conceptualize, administer, score and analyze the scores. I will also need to give them a pleasant experience combined with flexible teaching methods so that our learning objectives, activities and assessments are all aligned.

Here are the changes that are now being implemented in my class –

  • A clearer learning objective(s) is set.
  • The quizzes have been replaced with recitations that focus on what their feelings are regarding the Scriptural reading blocks. They are also encouraged to share how they are going to apply the lessons they learned.
  • Educational and moral values are emphasized instead of memorizing names, events and scripture verses.
  • Usual lectures are also being replaced with chalkboard and group discussions; brainstorming sessions; reporting; special projects and assignments.
  • Other activities are already being added such as role playing, drawing, composing songs and poems, singing, even dancing. This multi-dimensional learning is a new process for all of us.
  • Cultural diversity is also recognized and embraced.
  • More importantly, I will hold ongoing assessments and not the usual episodic kind.

Do all these changes prove that I am now a better educator? To a certain degree, I would like to believe, but there are still a lot of things that need to improve so that my classroom becomes a premium place for learning.



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