image An Introduction to Che’s Multi-Grade Class



Teachers often get anxious when assigned to teach a multi-grade class. Most are simply not comfortable because they think about covering topics that should enthuse students from different academic levels or ages. This is not easy, of course.

Let me introduce myself to this class by saying that I already teach a multi-grade class. My students’ ages range from 14 to 18 with some still in high school, most in college. Adult learners are also welcome to sit in anytime.

This Theology/Religion class centers on teaching scriptures, scriptural history, Christianity, and Mormonism. Though I’ve been teaching this for five years now, I can’t really claim that I have already mastered multi-grade teaching. Comfortable, sure, but I definitely have a lot to learn.

My expectations are high for this class, the professor, and my classmates. As I mentioned on our Self-Introductions forum, I look forward to intellectual stimulation. I also expect to learn a lot of new things that I could use in my class. I look forward to becoming a better multi-grade teacher when this course is done!


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St. John’s Lutheran Church and School. (n.d.). Retrieved September 08, 2016, from


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