EDS 101: Documentation

Critically analyzing the major and educational philosophies makes an educator, like me, realize that there is so much more to education and learning than just arriving and leaving on time for every class.

Let’s just say that I reached a certain level of self-realization during my readings on this course. Many times in the past and in my past works, I have attested that I am an idealist. After all, achieving a Utopian society may be impossible in this lifetime but there are perfections on every precept.

What do I mean by having perfection on every precept? This means that as I learn new concepts, that I become better at those concepts. Through practice and persistence, I will be able to perfect techniques or methods that would improve my way of teaching.

Take for instance my usual method of lecture since I currently teach theology/religion out our Church Educational System. The manuals provided to us by the church already outline the things that we need to discuss to our college student enrollees.

From my usual banter, I tried improving my method of teaching by holding group discussions, video showing, PPT presentations, role plays, addition of music, and individual reports. The attendance dwindled from the usual 15-20 attendees to just about 10 per class but the quality of our discussions greatly improved. Those who pursued the course learned more based on the quizzes and essays that they submitted. The volley of ideas also became more exciting.

I still would not consider this an entirely successful transition as practically half of the class gave up when they learned that more activities were being held and assessments became more rigid.

It is now my goal to get the numbers up or even to surpass our previous attendance. Will my readings of idealism, realism, pragmatism, essentialism, and the list goes on, help me become an improved teacher to my current and future students?

I definitely will be and I already am to some degree. I intend to become the best version of me as a teacher. Currently, I prepare my lesson plan half a day before the class. With this improved version of me, I intend to study in chunks from Monday till early Friday. I will then hold my Friday and Saturday classes with ease and more confidence because I will be better prepared.


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