Education and Me


Hello to all EDS 101 Peeps!

This is my UPOU blog for the second trimester now. I intend to keep this till the moment I go up there and claim my diploma.

I’m Elena Shella Villamor, those closest to me refer to me just by my second name so if you ever see me in the hallways of UPOU, just call me Shella (or Che if you see me in a great mood!).

I am focusing my energies in finishing my Education degree and eventually to go up the ladder by taking on a master’s degree. That’s a long way to go but I’m ready to take on the tasks ahead.

My family is comprised of a long line of educators – my adoptive mom was a teacher, my aunt was a college professor, even some of my in-laws are educators. It’s no wonder that I am now engaged in teaching.

Apart from teaching religion (at the moment), I am also busy taking on writing and editing tasks. Yes, I’m also a professional writer which is why blogging is not new to me.

Philosophy of Education might sound complex to many learners but, to me, this is something that’s fascinating. I intend to amass knowledge – preferably wisdom in the long run – that I can pass on to my students.

There’s much to learn here and I look forward to reading your comments soon!



A.  Study Skills Inventory

Section Your Score Benchmark
Textbooks 33 30
Notetaking 20 20
Memory 37 30
Test Prep 46 40
Concentration 47 35
Time Management 29 20

B.  Self Regulation Questionnaire

I scored 221 points on this part.


C.  Time Management Skills Test

I scored 45 points on this test. I believe I am a good time manager, though, there are still some things that I can improve on.

My Course Goals and Commitment

  • I intend to learn more knowledge and acquire skills that will help become a better educator.
  • Commit to heart the philosophies that I will learn.
  • I also intend to submit requirements on time.
  • I’ll also do my group roles to the best of my ability.



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