The Philippine West Valley Fault (GMA News Video): A Reaction Paper


The West Valley Fault is a topic that is close to my heart because the house and lot invested in by my father all went to naught all because of this. Our address is at Jaysonsville in Muntinlupa City and our previous home was right smack in the middle of the fault. The video showing the cracks on the floor and the walls are not new to me and my family. I have a first-hand account of what is being reported by John Consulta from GMA News. Our dilemma did not stop with the cracks, before long, one side of our home  began to lower to the ground. Before long, even the ceilings were threatening to cave in.

The report was comprehensive as it showed the plight of those who are living right on top of the fault. The damages that have been estimated by experts are probable given the number of structures and people living there. The approximate number of injuries are also realistic.

I agree with all these estimated damages in terms of peso, structures and lives because experiencing how it is to live in an area that is threatening to cave in at any moment fortifies the approximation.

A realization that came upon me was that this fault goes through major cities, not just Muntinlupa. The report just focused  on the City of Pasig, what of the other neighboring cities and provinces? They, too, are bound to experience the hazards that are about to happen.

These catastrophes that are waiting to happen  are the reasons why geology matters more now. People living in these areas should listen to what these experts have to say. Also, they have to be vigilant especially if they have no other choice but to stay in their dangerous homes.

We have long since moved from Muntinlupa but the feeling of always being up on your toes is not something that one would totally forget.


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