Of Learning, Computers and Me


We’ve been given quite a tricky question for this module’s eJournal entry. Is the human brain more capable in learning or storing information than the computer? There were moments when I wanted to have an external drive of sorts just so I can memorize information during exams. That biological external drive would also serve me well when I would teach my class (imagine not missing a single thing from the lesson plan!).

But in so many regards, the human brain is much more complex and capable than the computer. This organ can store a lot of information during its lifetime – much like a computer (if not better). The bigger question is this – how can man access stored data that was placed in his brain two decades ago? The information is there, of course, but how will man gain access to it?

This is where I think the real definition of learning should be given emphasis. After all, it only becomes learning when the person is able to retain the skill or knowledge while also putting it into good use. It pays to focus on what is being studied; if it is a skill, that the learner should keep practicing; and if it’s knowledge, that new and better knowledge be added to it each time.

Learning is a complex process – it takes time for true learning to take place (e.g. the writer/editor has more experience than a neophyte writer, hence, he is more skilled in the industry). But can the teacher eventually be beaten by the student with regard to subject expertise? It is a possibility that only the student can provide an answer to. The brain is much more powerful than any computer hard drive in the world but it is how we put it into good use that we can prove how highly efficient it really is.



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