How Will I Teach?

Great teaching, admittedly, can never happen if there are no students who would listen to you. Looking at all the lessons that have been taught in EDS 103, I have a better perspective when it comes to teaching now. For me, students are beneficiaries of what is being communicated to them by the educator. To do this, there are factors to consider –

  • First, lay down the demographics. What age, sex and ethnicity are you going to teach?
  • Are your students generally outgoing or are most of them introverts?
  • What level of knowledge do they have regarding the subject that you are going to teach?

Answering these basic questions matters to every teacher. As soon as you know the answers to these, I believe it is crucial to find a rhythm that works for the class. Be sure to begin and end your class on time. Setting aside five minutes at the end will give the teacher an opportunity to wrap up the lesson and to cap it with a compelling story or summarization.

There are so many other tips that I can now give to other neophyte teachers, what’s mentioned here is not even the tip of the iceberg!



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