The Mentors of a Mentor

My Role Models and their Contributions
My Role Models and their Contributions

All the people that are listed above were my mentors as I was going through different areas of child development. One may think that they were just there to teach me about math or science, even the alphabet, but more than these things, they exhibited behaviors that I have either already shown to my students now or are still striving to. Without these people’s positive guidance, I do not know if I would be the kind of educator that I am today.

Below are the characteristics or traits which, I think, will make any teacher exceptional and a good role model –


At the moment, I am a teacher of theology in our church. I have tried, to the best of my ability, to show patience which was #2 on my list. For the rest of my mentors and the traits they taught me, I will just have to be sensitive enough to apply which ones are needed in a particular situation. Just to cite a particular approach, when all the others are participating on a panel discussion and one student prefers to be seated away from the group, then clearly, the teacher should find a more suitable group activity that will not make this one student feel exposed. Still on the same example, I would then ask for a separation of groups where the introvert student will participate initially as a contributor (and not as spokesperson).

My ideal education mentor would have to be someone with the caliber of a Miriam Defensor-Santiago (no, I’m not campaigning). Her approach is always straightforward and downright animated. When she speaks, the whole room falls silent. On the other hand, I would also like to evoke the gentleness of facilitator-teachers (my Sunday School teacher is such) who, after discussing a few important points, stand there to facilitate a lively, animated (and yet again!) discussion.


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