Bandura and Venn Up My Brain

The Three Factors for Learning to be Produced according to Bandura.
The Three Factors for Learning to be Produced according to Bandura.

More than any other topic in Module 3.2, it was the three factors that produce learning which really caught my attention. It was pretty simple when you come to think of it. As I was reading Bandura’s theory, I couldn’t help but think of a Venn diagram formulating inside my head. I never thought that these two great minds would share the same stage but they did – up inside my brain. The diagram above shows exactly how each of the three factors affect one another in terms of learning, even the acquisition of new behavior. Though they do not have the same levels of effect, still, even to the slightest degree, each of these factors have a significant role to play.

Albert Bandura pointed out that children go through observational learning. He even went as far as naming the ones observed as models (well I guess there are good and bad models after all). His Bobo Doll experiment showed exactly what he was trying to point out to the world of psychology – that behavior can, somehow, be encoded. We all watched this video The Bobo Doll Experiment and marveled at how quickly the kids caught up on the behaviors that they saw and how they applied them to the [poor] bobo doll (okay I’m having feelings of pity for an inanimate object).

Now, to apply how the three factors played their roles during the Bobo Doll experiment, though shown in varying levels, the personal factor would have to be the child retaining the memory (cognitive) of the adult’s behavior whether it was aggressive or calm; the environmental factor would have to be the models that showed how they initially dealt with the bobo doll; and lastly, the behavior was hugely dependent on whether the kid played aggressively or in a calm manner.

This was an eye opener for me in so many ways. As a parent and educator, I know that I have a huge responsibility to show rather than discuss what must be learned. Being the human that we all are, the perfect teaching environment can never be achieved but, at the very least, we could provide the best teaching setup for our current or future learners.


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