Intelligence in the Eyes of Patricia

ID-10034494My classmate Patricia Domingo’s blog entitled Am I Intelligent? was a direct opposite of my having professed that I Am Intelligent…. While we both blogged about intelligence, we obviously had varying conceptions of it. Patricia’s was the more humble perspective, while I had the more (okay, I’ll admit it but this once) overly confident stance that I had been genetically blessed and that learning and leadership roles were easy for me.

In the end, while we came from different forks in the road, we both realized, though, that intelligence is a lot more than quantifiable data. Patricia quoted Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences to justify that there are many ways of learning [and many other types of intelligence, not just plain academics].

Kudos also for the visuals presented on her blog. Being a visual learner, she made learning a lot more fun by posting relevant, colorful diagrams. Truly, learning should never be boring!


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  1. Hi Ms. Elena Shella! Thank you for acknowledging our differences when it comes to our own intelligence 🙂 I also learned a lot from your previous posts. Its refreshing to see how you personalized your blog layout (including family pictures, your family business and other interests). Looking forward to your entries 🙂


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