Teaching Fish to Climb Trees

One of the recent lessons on EDUC 103 was to view this video on YouTube –

Not only has my sight been opened in terms of curriculum conceptions, I have also made sense as to why educational systems must not always focus on academics. While I would not want to call it mere academics (for I am a lover of exact learning), the speaker made sense when he said that not everything is about quantity and diagnostics.

As I see it, Sir Ken Robinson is suggesting that eclectic conception be considered focusing more on technology, betterment of society, preparing ourselves to real challenges,while not forgetting to be more creative. The world, after all, is not all about academic ability or utility for work; there are many other aspects in education that should be given emphasis such as culture, (more beautifully expressed in art), technology and answers to societal problems.

If taken to his barest reasoning, he believes that humans are diverse. Some may not excel in academics not because they are unintelligent but because they have different talents or skills, hence, my allegory of the fish that is forcefully taught to climb trees.



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