Have I REALLY Learned?

I used to be so confident about my definition of the word learning. I have always equated this to reading, taking down a few notes, passing exams and getting high grades. Oh how mistaken was I!

Just a week ago, we were asked to define learning according to our understanding; now, with the learning materials given to us, I am pretty sure my previous definition is nothing but short-sighted. Schunk listed three basic criteria for learning namely –

  • Change
  • Endurance over time
  • and Consequence of experience.

While I do agree with these criteria, I took the liberty of adding my own element – reflection. Looking back at it now, I have been more inclined to keep a certain knowledge or better able to learn new skills when I took the time to understand the concepts even beyond class hours. Now I am certain that learning requires time, energy and focus. Learning to me now is both a process and a product.

More to Learn 

It is wrong to think that giving an in-depth definition of learning is the end of it all, heck, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, I already teach theology to LDS students. We have our own curriculum, defined strategies, and grading system but with my renewed definition for learning, I believe I have so much more to offer as a teacher in my class. If and when I get to teach other classes outside of our church premises, I would like my class to be more engaging, one where my students would leave the room feeling intellectually-fed. This is my goal for now and every ladder that I climb on UPOU will help me get there.


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