In the Beginning…

This is definitely a first…well, not my first blog but a first for me to write an online journal that is readily accessed by my educator and classmates. Writing is somewhat a stress reliever for me – more specifically blogging – so doing this WP writing for a UP course is sort of hitting two birds with one stone. I have three existing WordPress sites so if you have any questions regarding how to post, edit, delete, or whatnot, just comment ’em below.

EDS 103 is a core course on BES so I look forward to a lot of things – reading, a lot of writing (as is evidenced by this WP account), discussing, researching, even meditating (probably) at one point in time.

Should our professor allow us to keep our electronic journal after we finish EDS 103, then I would love to carry it on till we graduate. I believe I aptly provided a title for this specific blog – Che’s UP Adventures – after all, learning is a journey filled with adventures.

I hope to enjoy these academic travels with all of you!


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